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Alveeda Scars Kit

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Alveeda Scars Kit

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Our skin is the largest organ in the body. It is the organ that separates the viscera from the outside environment. A healthy skin indicates a Healthy body and makes a person better looking. Especially the Face which is always exposed, makes the larger part of one’s personality. It is also well researched now that beautiful people gets noticed earlier and have better chances of growth be it Politics or Corporate world.

Our youth also who is conscious about everything these days about apparels, Hair Styles, Goggles, Beard(In Men), Body Shape everything needs to be perfect. So doing all this if some spots or pimples are there on the face all the confidence will go into drain.

So, what are these pimples, why do we get them, Is there any respite from them.

Pimple/Acne is nothing but clogging of skin pore with the sebum(Skin Oil) which when infested with bacteria fills with pus becomes yellowish, reddish and blue or blackish on drying up.

At the teenage when children are developing from childhood to adulthood there are certain chemicals(Hormones) secreted by the body for growth and which is necessary part of our growth increases. These hormones cause more oil production from the skin and that’s why your skin appears oily and shiny. Normally this oil(Sebum) comes on the surface of the skin and wiped off but when there is large amount of oil is produced it clogs the skin pores and converts into pimples and acne. 

This Special Kit Contains Five Herbal Products


Ingredients:- Chobchini, Giloya, Manjith, Neem, Karanj, Haridra, Ghrit Kumari, Tulsi, Shudh Gandhak.

✔ Antiacterial, anti fungal and anti viral owing to the Neem, Giloya, Tulsi extract.
✔ Blood Purifiers like Manjith, Khadir, Chobchini.
✔ Skin toners like Amla and Aloe vera helps in rejuvenation, and increasing the oxygenated blood flow to the skin.
✔ Haridra is proven anti allergic, and helps in removing the tanning and scarring.
✔ Alvida scar is a complete pack for day to day skin wear and tear which improves the skin tone by repairing from inside.


✔ Neem, Chandan, Aloe Vera, Santra V Multani Mitti yukta sampooran chikitsa.
✔ Anti bacterial, anti fungal & anti allergic.
✔ Provides vitamins & minerals naturally to the skin.
✔ Haridra is proven anti allergic, and helps in removing the tanning and scarring.
✔ Helps in removing dead skin, cleanses extra sebum, unclog the skin pores thus save from the acne & scars.
✔ Protein rich formula to give nutrition to the sagging skin thus helps in keeping the wrinkles at bay.


✔ Enriched with Curcumin, Saffron, Sandal, Neem, Nimbu Aloe Vera extracts gives complete coverage of care and softness.
✔ Cleanses deeply into the skin.
✔ Helps in removing the dirt, dead cells & extra sebum.
✔ Rejuvenates the skin.
✔ Balanced pH formula maintains the skin integrity.
✔ Tulsi gives the Immunomodulatory effect.
✔ Neem gives the Antibacterial & Antifungal effect.
✔ Rose gives emollient, & hydrating effect & keeps the skin soft & moisturized.


✔ Aloe Vera Gel with extract of Neem of better antibacterial effect. 
✔ Soothening for the skin.
✔ Rejuvenates the dead skin cells.


✔ Smooth & Safe all seasons cream.
✔ Anti ageing, anti wrinkle cream.
✔ Keeps the skin moisture intact thus saves from drying.
✔ Tulsi, kheera, Aloe Vera extracts gives the anti viral, anti bacterial, & vitamin combination to nourish the skin of all types.
✔ Maintains the pH of the skin for youthful & glowing looks. 


✔ Mix 5g. of Gel with 5g. of Face Pack & 5ml of rose water or Plain distilled water. 

✔ Mix all the items in cup and make an even paste. 

✔ Apply the paste on the affected area and let it dry for 20-25 minutes.

✔ Don’t eat, drink or talk while the pack is on the face as it may cause wrinkles.

✔ Wash with ample amount of fresh water once the face is dry.

✔ Use Face Pack on alternate days.

✔ Face wash is to be used twice or thrice in a day daily depending upon the season and the amount of oil secreted from the skin.

✔ Cream is to be applied twice in the day morning after bath and evening before going to bed.

✔ 1 to 2 Alvida scar capsules are to be taken after meals morning and evening with glass full of water.

✔ Though the results are visible 10-15 days of the starting of the kit but for best results the kit is to be used for at least 70-90 days.


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