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Our skin is the largest organ in the body. It is the organ that separates the viscera from the outside environment. A healthy skin indicates a Healthy body and makes a person better looking. Especially the Face which is always exposed, makes the larger part of one’s personality. It is also well researched now that beautiful people gets noticed earlier and have better chances of growth be it Politics or Corporate world.

 Our youth also who is conscious about everything these days about apparels, Hair Styles, Goggles, Beard(In Men), Body Shape everything needs to be perfect. So doing all this if some spots or pimples are there on the face all the confidence will go into drain. 

So, what are these pimples, why do we get them, Is there any respite from them.

Pimple/Acne is nothing but clogging of skin pore with the sebum(Skin Oil) which when infested with bacteria fills with pus becomes yellowish, reddish and blue or blackish on drying up.

At the teenage when children are developing from childhood to adulthood there are certain chemicals(Hormones) secreted by the body for growth and which is necessary part of our growth increases. These hormones cause more oil production from the skin and that’s why your skin appears oily and shiny. Normally this oil(Sebum) comes on the surface of the skin and wiped off but when there is large amount of oil is produced it clogs the skin pores and converts into pimples and acne.

Ayurveda Says:-

The disease is called Yovan Pidika, as more of the teenagers are victims of this problem so came the name yovan pidika.

Ayurveda take considers the Dosha imbalance to be the causative factors for the Acne. Vaat & Kapha dosha are considered to be the primary doshas involved, but Pitta involvement causes the reddishness, Inflammation in the acne.

Underlying dhatus are Mansa and Rakta(Blood). That means Vaat & Kapha dosha when increased causes the stagnation in the mansa dhatu leading to the raised swollen skin causing pimples.


Ø Junk food,

Ø Excess Fried, spicy food intake

Ø Improper or imbalanced diet

Ø Sedentary Lifestyle

Ø Anxiety

Ø Sleep disturbance

Ø Excess intake of starch, carbohydrates, aerated beverages(Cold Drink)

Ø Unhygienic habits of living

Ø  Occupational hazards like exposure to chemicals etc.

Ø Addictions like Smoking, alcohol, excess usage of Tea, coffee.

Ø Gym Supplements and injections etc. cause acne in the whole body even in the later stages of life like 20’s or 30’s

Ø Overuse of cosmetic creams especially oil base creams.

Ø Allergies to the dust and pollens

Ø Side effects of medicines like antacids, antidepressants, steroids etc

Ø Improper bowel movement (Constipation) leading to vaat vitiation results in acne.

Ø Acidity, GERD, Constipation, Liver disorders can be underlying pathologies for Acne

Ø Bacterial infestations caused by propionibacterium acnes (the most common) leads to inflammation.


Ayurveda stress the need to remove the causative factors (dosha) and clear the Dhatu (mansa & Rakta). So the herbs or treatment suggested are aimed to reduce the increased dosha and purifying the blood thus leading to long term relief fron the acne.

Considering the underlying causes and working on the lots of patients we have made a recipe of many items joined into one to give a wholesome solution for the victims of Acne/Pimples.